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Repair Services

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Service Plus Garage Doors is your East Tennesssee garage door company for residential and commercial garage door repairs and service. We can repair and service most major brands of garage doors and garage door openers. Our garage door service technicians are trained to inspect your door and door opener, pinpoint your problem, and offer you solutions. Our vehicles arrive at your home fully stocked for quick, reliable service.

Broken Springs

Garage door springs are under extreme tension because of the loads they must lift and this makes them dangerous to adjust. If your door springs are out of adjustment, broken, or not working properly


Do not attempt to work on them yourself as serious injury is possible. Our technicians are trained to adjust, repair and replace garage door springs.

Repair Services

  • Torn or Damaged Sections

  • Garage Doors Not Going Up or Down Properly

  • Broken or Malfunctioning Cables, Chains, Belts, Hinges and Rollers

  • Broken Springs

  • Emergency Service Available 24-Hours Everyday* (in most areas)

* Emergency service rates apply to all emergency service calls

  • Our technicians are trained to service ALL brands of Garage Doors & Openers

  • Fully equipped service vehicles

  • Safety inspection/routine maintenance programs available

  • Highest Quality Parts

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on most Doors & Openers

Maintenance Services

Save yourself an emergency service call in the future and schedule your annual maintenance with us to assure a safe, reliable garage door system."

  • Dedicated, professional technicians

  • Lubricate and Adjust ALL garage door and opener parts

  • Adjust spring tension for proper balance

  • Identify any potential problems or safety issues

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24 Hour  Emergency Service

A Full Service East Tennessee Garage Door Company

"To Some It Is Just A Garage Door, To Us, It Is Our Reputation"

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